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Myself and Jeff Weaver day 2 of the bluefish … phot from Lewes Harbour Marina

The blues are still hot for action, you just have to find them.  I know we said a week ago they had left, but the fish left the ocean surf in heavy numbers and moved into the back bays, Broadkill River and went up the Delaware Bay beaches.  They did not leave Delaware waters, and they are as far north as New York right now.   Just to clarify that last report.  They are chasing food and eating everything in their path.   The beaches at Lewes, Beach Plum, Broadkiill to Bowers beach have seen some heavy action off and on.  But it is not hot and heavy or steady.  It hits then it shuts down, and when will they hit is unpredictable for the most part.  The outgoing tide seems to be the hottest into the incoming tide, that four to five hour window, but not all the time.  The past two days Jeff Weaver and I have been in the Harbor of Safe Refuge hammering bluefish.  The harbor may be safe for boats, but not for any bait fish, or the blues we are catching.  We only kept what we wanted for food and flipped off five times as many as we kept.  We were using a gaff on the keepers for two reasons.  Big bluefish will destroy a net.  If done correctly a proper gaffing will bleed them out so they taste better.  If you don’t like bluefish you either had it cooked wrong or never really tried it before.  Don’t believe the hype, it is excellent table fare.  We are working on our recipe section, Killin & Grillin, and will have more for that this week.  Bob Jones is helping us out with that, and anyone is welcome to submit any recipes or suggestions.   Email us at if you have any suggestions, something you would like to see, or want to submit a recipe.

bucktail, bluefish, diamond state tackle
Bucktail from Diamond State Tackle on the first day. She held up well.


bluefish, jigging, bucktail, cape henlopen flats, soft plastics
My bucktail on day 2 and still catching fish, going for three tomorrow.

I fed the Delaware Fisherwoman crew last night at paint night and Amanda from Lewes Harbor Marina at DDC, everyone loved the fish.  Today’s catch went to the smoker, for making dip and paste.  Oh, by the way, Jeff wanted to let anyone know if you catch a bluefish with 5 bucktails and a nice metal jig he would like them back.  Vicious fish, they were trying to steal the bucktail out of the other fish’s mouth while reeling them in, which made for an interesting retrieve.  The fish was fighting the retrieve and his buddies competing for food.   The past two days have been a blast fishing the boats.  I used the same bucktail both days.  It has been reduced to a mangled jig head with some thread left and no paint to speak of, it was pretty when we started yesterday.  I took a lot of video, when things calm down, we will put some of that up, we are still working on the video format for the show, and I am a little busy fishing.


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Austin Boyer … first croaker of the season.
Austin gets fish of the week for this catch!
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Now the big news, striped bass are on the move.  The upper Delaware bay has been hot in the traditional areas (yellow can).  Assateague Island is seeing striped bass in the surf, and the fish are still moving in the Chesapeake bay.   With all the food we have so close to shore, so long as the blue fish do not eat it all we have good chance of them running the shore and surf.  Atlantic Croaker showed up at Gordon’s Pond beach on Sunday, well one was caught by a young man,but they travel in schools.  That is good sign of more food for the big predators.  Bunker are huge this year, bluefish are even eating short striped bass, seems they didn’t get the memo on creel limits and the ASMFC’s reduction for this year.  Flounder action is still picking up and has been good for those fishing for them.  Tautog action at the inner and outer walls has picked up, as well as the reef and wreck sites.  That season closes May 11th, so get it in while you can.  The Katydid has been putting in the time and filling the boxes on every trip.

The surf has been slow but a few striped bass, and puffer fish were caught over the weekend on bloodworms and fishbiotes bloods formula.  Otherwise it has been a dog and skate fest.  Hopefully that will change soon after all that croaker popped up so that is a good sign.  Assateague is seeing big striped bass and some random blues have shown up on the ocean and lower bay surf fishing beaches.  This past weekend was rough out there with heavy waves and Friday felt like a fall day, not spring.  We did have a better than forecast weekend, which is always a bonus.   By the way a seal was seen on the beach in Rehoboth this weekend and one was spotted today at Masseys landing, so there is still a chance to catch a glimpse of one this weekend.


black Drum, delaware bay, coral beds, slaughter beach, prime hook
Jeff Reece …. Caught nice drum today in the beds!!!
Second one for this weekend !!

Black drum are moving from the beach into the coral beds and back again from Prime Hook to Slaughter Beach.  One day they are hot in the surf up north and the next day the coral beds heat up, it is a crap shoot where they can be found.  If I were to guess I would say they are avoiding the yellow eyed devils.  I dropped by Indian River Inlet tonight due to a report of striped bass hitting there and all I saw were shad.  Did hear of a few caught there the night before in the wee hours of morning.  The shad in there are thick in number and the ones I saw over twelve inches were as thick as they were wide.  The full moon, incoming fast tide and all that food are prime conditions for some serious striped bass feasts.  We will have to see how that plays out the next few days, they are showing up in the Assateague surf.  I would expect them to mix it up with the blues in the Delaware Bay for an easy meal following the feeding frenzy.  Hoping all the fish show up in force for the Old Inlet Annual Spring Surf Fishing Tournament this Saturday.  I’m gonna have to ask Clark and Butch Evans, since it is my birthday Sunday can I win by default?  PLEASE!!!  Because if you are going to blow off Mom for Mother’s day what better way than a fishing tournament.  It will be a good time, hope to see everyone out there.  Happy Mother’s day to all the Moms, especially mine, because forty six years ago she got me for Mother’s Day.

Check out our Business Directory for a bait shop near you for the weekend’s trip, call ahead for bait availability, places are selling out fast for the most popular baits.  have fun out there, that is what fishing is all about … fun, leave the drama with your mama.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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