Fishing Beach is sheered off in DSSP


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Looking south towards the Indian River Inlet at Coin Beach
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Looking north from coin beach to faithful steward drive on access
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Ledge at coin beach is a four foot drop off
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Conquest beach looking south towards Indian River Inlet
conquest beach, DSSP, delaware, sussex county
Conquest beach is steep but not as bad of a ledge

There is a huge drop off at the edge of the surf in Delaware Seashore State Park.  The beach eroded away over night but eventually will smooth out.  Be careful driving near the edge of this, if the sand gives way you could literally go for a tumble and roll your vehicle, it is very steep.  Even the slope to the water is very steep and the water is washing up to the base of the ledge.  The drop off is nearly four feet high, the closer you get to the north side beach at the Indian River Inlet.  Halfway from the Conquest Drive on entrance to the north beach side (coin beach) is where the ledge is most prevalent.  As you move further north the beach has less of a drop off but a steep slope to the water.  Hopefully over the next few days the slope will ease up a bit and the ledge will smooth out but for now be wary.  That drop off is not easy to climb, I recommend digging a small ramp to make walking up and down much easier.  The steep drop off has been the biggest issue the closer to the north beach but today it is exceptionally bad.  Just a heads up to be careful.


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Sand washing into the south side of the Indian River Inlet

There is a huge amount of sand washing across the south side of the Indian River inlet wall.  High tide today was washing a lot of sand across the rocks and into the inlet.  The only good thing from this is the shoal will eventually build back up in the inlet and make for some good fishing again.  That would be the one that was dredged and pumped onto the north side of the inlet.  From the looks of it the parks are going to need to crank up the sand relocation gear and clean out along the south side wall.  I honestly do not know if they do this during the tourist season.

The beaches were crowded today and the waves were high, heavy, and fast.  We were able to hold bottom with four to five ounces once you were past the waves.  There is a lot of bait fish along the beaches and inlet walls.  Small bluefish are all over the place chasing the bait fish.  Small silver spoons were hooking up but they (bluefish) kept throwing the hook in the heavy surf.  We caught a small dog fish and didn’t see much else action wise aside from a lot of people swimming near rip currents.  The water is very stirred up with sand from heavy waves.

Fish on!!

Rich King


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