Fishbites Fight Club’s New Six Inch Curly Tail Swim Grubs

Field tested and approved by one of the best Flounder Anglers

Fishbites has a Fight Club grub line that is great for targeting fish that will hit scented artificial baits. Basically all fish will hit artificially scented baits in one form or another, some brands more than others. We all like to try a variety for different fishing conditions to see what works best where, and when. These can be rigged on a jig a few ways to alter the tail action.

The smaller Fishbites fight club grubs are great for trout (weakfish and speckled), flounder, and short striped bass in the northeast. But a larger one was requested by many Northeast anglers for bigger flounder and striped bass. Big bait catches big fish, because it creates a larger presentation. Catching Flounder In The Delaware Surf

Fishbites Fight Club Six Inch Curly Tail Swim Grubs

Fishbites delivered with the Fishbites Fight Club Lures 6″ curly tail swim Grub. These are available in five colors or patterns; Smack down (pink) Counter Punch (chartreuse), Hammer Fist (pink/white), TKO (dark green), and White Knuckle (white). If you didn’t notice those names are fighting words, now for landing fish. Which these grubs do very well. John Skinner ran a couple of product tests and landed some quality flounder. He will publish soon I am told, but we got a sneak peak at his results from Fishbites.

fishbites fight club
Fishbites fight club six inch curly tail swim grub was used to land this 8 pound plus flounder with John Skinner

John Skinner …. On this video (link below) I have a Fish Bites 6-inch on the teaser hook. Out of 7 keepers I had, 5 were on Fish Bites, 1 on Gulp, 1 foul hooked so not sure. I had 7/11 fish on the boat of 3 guys. I had a charter friend on another boat in the same area and they had only 4 keepers for 6 guys. Our biggest fish hit the Fish Bites. I realize I should have swapped it with the jig hook position a few times, but I did that on the first trip and the Fish Bites produced on both the teaser and the jig just fine. I made sure not to draw attention to the Fish Bites on the video, and the guys I fish with don’t know what I’m using, although they wanted some by the end of the trip. I have yet to have a Fish Bites grub torn or bitten off. .

(In the video you will notice many flounder netted have the Fishbites Fight Club Lures 6″ curly tail swim Grub.)

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From Fishbites website … product description: Each bag contains (4) 6” Grub Lures. These Grubs are available in 5 colors. Fishbites Fight Club® Lures utilize our proven no–stink flavor/scent technology and infuses those formulas into a line of irresistible baits. Our one–two punch flavor/scent technology has been putting fish in the cooler since 1999. These baits are ready to rumble when you are!
Tougher than all other scented soft plastics!
Loaded with Fishbites proven Flavor/Scent technology.
The scent that melts in the water, not on your hands®.

We tested Fishbites Fight Club’s New Six Inch Curly Tail Swim Grubs on Saturday at the Rosedale Beach boat ramp from the crabbing pier. We weren’t trying for fish we were testing action in shallow water.
You can see in the video below, the swimming action is excellent. Jigging, popping along the bottom creates great action too. Bottom bouncing gets the tail really moving. That will be very useful at the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier around the pylons and old structure.

When I swam it along the shallows, the sand kicked up had a corkscrew pattern, much like a boat prop. These cast like a dream with that six ounces of weight, you can definitely feel it. There isn’t a delay or hang time from a breeze either, it casts with solid weight into the wind.
The tail action can be sensed with mildly increased resistance on the retrieve. I used a two ounce jig head with a six aught hook. I didn’t need a heavy headed four ounce jig and you don’t in the shallows around Delaware waters. A one to two ounce jig head with a large hook in the six to eight aught range is perfect.
If you run teaser rig leaders with spoons or plugs, this could make a great addition or another option. I am setting a grub up on a six or seven aught octopus baitholder hook at the bottom of a teaser rig. The grub’s weight will be all is needed to get it out there and to the bottom for some action around the inland bays, canals, shallows, and flats. Two of these on a tandem rig with large hooks, would be deadly as well around the inland bays and along rock jetties.

Fishbites Fight Club Six Inch Curly Tail Swim Grubs ready for a product test on jig heads and bucktails.

There is a small amount of liquid in the packages. It is minimal at best. I let some leak onto a old car mat and dry, then let the sun do its thing. The car never smelled bad at all. Unlike other artificial scented baits once spilled you have to set the entire car interior on fire to remove the smell.
The Fight Club grubs feel just like any new soft plastic, a little slick. Otherwise they are cleaner and less messy than Gulp. I am getting a package of these to some of the best flounder pounders I know locally and let them put it to their test.
I already know these are fish killers, because the entire Fishbites Fight Club line works well, these are just bigger, for bigger fish. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed using Fishbites Fight Club Lures 6″ curly tail swim Grub. They are or will be available in most Delmarva bait shops soon enough. Treading Water in Milford has them already locally, Also available online at DS Custom Tackle.

Fish On!
Rich King

Catching Flounder In The Delaware Surf

Fishbites Fight Club Six Inch Curly Tail Swim Grub swimming

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