First Seal Sighting Of The Season

This past Friday at the point Suzanne Martin saw a seal in the rip off the point. “He is hanging out where I want to fish. He is watching me….like girl, what you got in that cooler….” I went to the point to get a good picture, then that kayaker in distress took up our attention. That is another story. Been a crazy weekend with seals, kayakers and boats on the beach.

This is good news if the seals are starting to show up, the fall fish are soon to follow. The resident striped bass have been schooling up in the back bays and the surf for weeks. However some other fall fish are already arriving.

seal, the point, cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county, migratory mammals,
That little meat ball looking thing is the seals head. photo by Suzanne Martin
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False albacore have been in the Delaware Bay mouth for a week or more. A buddy of mine running equipment looking for tagged sturgeon kept seeing them before the last storm surges over a week ago. “There are false albies all over out here with Spanish Mackerel.” We have been looking for them to hit the surf the past week. I might need to add them to the War On The Shore fish list. Usually I add them to the Fall Fish Bowl list, they are a bit early.

seal, the point, cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county, migratory mammals,
The right of the photo you can see the seal just under the surface … photo by Suzanne Martin

MERR has an alert out for boaters … “Any motors (boaters) heading through the Indian River inlet tomorrow keep your eyes open for a wayward seal that has been residing around the rocks inside the inlet. She is injured but seems to be comfortable where she is right now. So please use caution while boating and please call 302.228.5029 if you see her on the rocks or beach. She needs rest and we want to keep crowds at a minimum and at a safe distance.

Fish On!
Rich King

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