Fake Coughing On People Wearing Masks In Stores Is Happening And Illegal

Recently, in a few different grocery stores people have been coughed on as a joke, it is illegal.

People are concerned for their health and are wearing all kinds of get ups, as well as masks to grocery stores and public places. Some of these get ups are epic, and comical, but you do what you have to do. The guy dressed in full scuba gear shopping was pretty extreme. But when you hear what some people are doing to people wearing masks, you can’t blame people for protecting themselves.

The other night two people wearing masks in a grocery store on route 1 were coughed on, purposely by another customer. These are not kids doing this either, these are older adults.
There are people who think this is a funny joke and coughing on people wearing masks. This is very illegal. People around the country that have done this have been charged by Police, one with terrorism. If this happens to you or you see someone do this call the police immediately. Also let the store manager know.

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In Milton recently a customer fake coughed when they were told the clerk wanted to clean or sanitize the conveyor belt. I don’t understand the mindset people have who do this, but here we are. Again if you see this happen or it happens to you call the police. This is a form of assault. It is also a possibility someone might decide to defend themselves. Be safe and be smart.

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