Extreme Low Tides


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Big boat stuck on sand bar near Masseys Landing

The tides have been extremely low the last several days.  I have received a lot of messages asking what’s up with the low water everywhere.  Tidal creeks are lower than normal, Vines creek looked almost empty yesterday.  We are coming into a full moon (June 2) and some of the heavy winds have not helped either with blow out tides.  Add to that the fact the bays fill in more and more each year with sand or silt, and you get some seriously low tides.  Remember last year on Memorial Day weekend we had the same issue?  There were over twenty five boats stuck on that Saturday if memory serves correct.  People were having a tough time getting out of many of the marinas.  This weekend we will still have these lower than normal tides.  Just keep that in mind when you are boating or running personal water craft.  Getting jammed up on a sand bar is no fun unless you planned on spending the day clamming.  Stick to the channels and follow the buoys, just because you can’t see bottom does not mean it is not there.  Look for browner water to indicate sand bars, and darker water to indicate deeper water. One advantage of these low tides is being able to see some of the sand bars and shoals you normally do not see, good time to mark them on your plotters.  In the surf you will be able to see the “structure” much easier, which will help you read the beach a little better.  Break out the GPS and start marking cuts.  Have a great weekend.

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