Every Surf Angler and Beach User Needs One Of These

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Ever drop a number two circle hook hook in the sand and can’t find it? I don’t know how I managed without this pin pointer metal detector for so long. I have saved hours of wasted time, I use it frequently and I just got it.
A pin point metal detector is used to do just that pin point whatever you find in dirt. It makes searching for small object much easier, once located with a full size metal detector. Most objects found in dirt are the color of, you guessed it, dirt. A pin pointer saves a lot of time finding objects buried in dirt and sand. I recently got into metal detecting and was told you will need a pin pointer to save a lot of time. Metal detecting in sand most people use the sifting shovels but they don’t always catch the small objects. In dirt you can’t see differences in colors or shades.

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What no one told me and I realized quickly was this pin pointer used on its own will save a lot of time at the beach. I can find tiny hooks in the sand. I don’t need to break out the Garret Acer 300 to find a hook I dropped, I just use the pin pointer. We spend over an hour at least a few times each summer looking for someone’s keys, phones, etc. Guy near us lost a tire iron changing his tire. How the hell you lose a tire iron on the beach, but it happened. This pin pointer metal detector is waterproof and with the vibration feature, you know when you have pin pointed the object underwater.
A pin pointer metal detector will find things pretty quick. There are models that are relatively inexpensive, thirty to forty bucks and some are over a hundred. I purchased the Kuman Pin pointer Water Resistant Metal Detector with Holster with Buzzer Vibration Automatic Tuning KW30 Just throw it in the truck and know you can find anything you drop in no time. It is a good peace of mind to have much like a portable air compressor .

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Kuman Pin Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector KW30 comes with holster, lanyard, and plastic bag.

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