Emergency Management Measures for the Blueline Tilefish Start Today

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Chris Ragni and little Michael with a nice big blue line tilefish

NOAA Fisheries announces emergency management measures for the blueline tilefish fishery in the Greater Atlantic Region at the recommendation of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. The purpose of this emergency action is to limit fishing mortality on unregulated blueline tilefish.

The measures, which go into effect today, Thursday, June 4 for vessels fishing north of the Virginia/North Carolina border, are:

  • Commercial possession limit of 300 pounds whole weight per trip;
  • Recreational limit of 7 fish per person, per trip;
  • Requirement that commercial and charter/party vessels must hold a valid open access golden tilefish permits to land blueline tilefish.
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This temporary rule will be in place for 6 months, and may be extended for an additional 6 months, while the Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic Councils develop a long-term management plan for the stock.


Since blueline tilefish are only caught in federal waters, these measures will apply to any Delaware fisherman targeting blueline tilefish.

For more information, please call Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife at 739-9914 or email to DNRECFisheriesRegs@state.de.us

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