Easter Weekend Canal Flounder

Adam Aguado caught this keeper summer flounder over Easter weekend. It was nearly 18 inches. Way to go mon, first one of the year for us and in that crap weather last weekend “Weather was rough, tried a lot of places, and I had to really work my butt off for em, first one was a keeper. “. Jigging Gulp and softies.
The new summer flounder limits have yet to go into effect we are still at 16.5 inches, a medium pop tart flounder. The new regulations should go into effect before the season amps up, usually just in time. Lot of big flounder being caught south of us in Chincoteague and the surrounding waters.
More options to fish!
Delaware Surf Fishing Report April 22, 2022

FRESH BAIT >>> The Bait shops we work with have most of the fresh baits and are listed below.
Dan’s has … fresh bunker coming today and bloods.
Icehouse has … Fresh bunker, green crabs, bloodworms, sand fleas, eels Frozen clams salted in pints and quarts and 5lb unsalted bags
Lighthouse view has … night crawlers and, minnows
Fenwick Tackle has … fresh bunker coming today
Lead Pot bait and tackle … minnows and night crawlers
Bucks at Assateague has … fresh Clams and bunker and bloodworms
Treading Water has bloodworms and minnows and green night crawlers and nightcrawlers
A Bit More Than Bait and Tackle … nightcrawlers and minnows If you need fresh clams around here,

Dans suggested hit a seafood place for the big chowdah clams by the dozen. Or, get to clammin .. you could hit up Friends Clam and Oysters and see if Steve is getting the chuckle heads

Good luck this weekend fishing!

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Adam Aguado caught this 17 plus inch flounder in The Lewes Canal area.

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