DSF Monday Meetings and beach conditions

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Indian River Inlet bridge is being demolished. This is the empty pylon, something none of us has ever seen.

Monday night we had our weekly gathering of anglers at Old Bay Steakhouse.  Alan was tying flies, we were telling lies, and a few new faces dropped by to check out the group.  We basically hung out and discussed all kinds of things.  One of the subjects that keeps coming up is the proposed National Park and Delaware Bayshore Initiative.  I have been researching both of these and speaking with people such as  Charles Salkin the Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation.  These have been some very informative chats,and I appreciate the time they have given DSF.  It has even been suggested that I use the freedom of information act to get all correspondence concerning the proposed National Park.  I like to read, but not that much.  I informed our group Monday night we have emails out to all parties concerned, and are awaiting responses to specific questions.   Some of these have been sent to DSF by email or on our Facebook page by concerned readers.  I hope all of this research we are doing will put to bed many concerns, we will have this available soon.   I have opinions from some of the groups involved, and will include all of this information.  The key word with this entire legislation is proposed, it has not happened yet, and it is possible it will not be passed.  Delaware is the only state without a National Park.  The main concern has been how will this proposed National Park affect Delaware’s beaches.  We will let you know what we find.


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This is looking north towards Dewey Beach from the inlet at Delaware Seashore State Park. This is the area that breaches the dunes, it is still very flat.
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I took a quick tour of the parks today and checked the drive on accesses.  Since, the storm most of them were carved out from the waves.  All of the drive on accesses have been smoothed out, and reshaped by the parks crews.  They are ready to drive on with little to no hazards in the way.  After the storm a few of the drive on access points were three foot drops to the beach.  Not something most vehicles could handle, or would take the abuse.  Key Box beach’s compressor house has been rebuilt, and looks much better than the old system.  Apparently the compressor at Savages Ditch used for the Faithful Steward access will be replaced as well.  One compressor station that is in sad shape is Beach Plum Island.  It literally takes twenty minutes to air up your tires.  That is one we really need replaced as well, maybe I will mention that to the Director of Parks the next time we chat.  The beaches are starting to shape back up, but will take some time.  It is very hard to read the beaches now, and in some areas (the breach) the beach is still flat as Jersey beaches.  A long wash area, with waves breaking much farther out, you will get wet fishing this area.  The old Indian River Inlet bridge is being taken down in pieces.  I have had a hard time finding a schedule or getting an answer when it will be completed.  We will work on that, I am not sure what is being done with the old pylons.  Last I heard they would be demolished to 8 feet below the mean low tide line.  The water is still cold out there averaging 43 degrees in the inland bays and the surf.  We are taking another trip North soon for a little striped bass fishing and fun.  You can see all the pictures of our adventures on the DSF Facebook page.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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