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Monday evening was a good time.  We had a few folks drop by and check the club out for the first time.  Alan set up to tie flies and demonstrate.  While he was doing that everyone met and chatted about … fishing.  Alan tied up a bunch of flies.  I brought 2 really nice feathers I found on Broadkill Beach and he tied up a wild looking fly.  I forget to grab that the other night.   We discussed the pros and cons of tournament’s duration,  rules , and etiquette.  It was a very interesting and informative discussion.  This gave us some ideas for smaller tournaments this year.  The group … you know, we are just going to have to call this what it is … a club.  We will figure out a name over the next few meetings and work on the whole “officers” thing for more organization.  We have a lot of things planned we want to do, which will take volunteers, serious organization, and some dedication to help us achieve that goal.  I have met many folks at the past 3 meetings that are willing and able to do just that.  We will always keep a loose format for discussion, however we will make time every week for club “business”.  This Monday 2/11 we will focus on what we need for organizing the club, and these events, specifically … Cast For Cancer.  This is a project CJ Jarrell of Striper King Gear (DSF Pro Staff) and I have been discussing the past 2 weeks.  Don’t forget …  Every night is a show and tell night, bring something you want to show the group, or ask about.

Strike King Gear, SKG, DSF
Strike King Gear … DSF sponsor and Pro Staff … welcome to the DSF crew CJ Jarrell

On March 4th we will have a speaker from the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays talk to the group about the Oyster Restoration program.  This would be a good time to check out the program if you have ever been interested.  They will have equipment on display, also one of our members, Jerry Hirst is a volunteer for this program, and has been growing oysters.  We may bend his ear a bit as well, I made a video with Jerry “winterizing” his oysters this fall.  On February 18th we are working on Having Captain Bill Baker from Bill’s Sport shop talk about the license fees for fishing and where the money goes.  He is very busy with meetings this time of year, but we are hoping to usurp some of his time.  There seems to be a lot of confusion about the licensing fees, and where the money goes.   He knows everything about that, and will clear up any questions or confusion.  I probably hear someone talk about this 4 times a week and no one seems to have the correct information.  We will have a special dinner available for members, and announce that soon as well.  A portion of proceeds from these dinners will be donated to the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays by Old Bay Steakhouse.  Come out for our speaker nights, gain some knowledge, meet fellow anglers, have a good time, and help support a great organization.

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See you tomorrow night

Fish On!!

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