DSF fishing club was fun, and look toward NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility tonight for a launch

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Visibility map from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility for tonight’s launch. You can see it anywhere live on the web starting at 4:30 p.m. EST: http://www.ustream.com/channel/nasa-wallops

Yesterday was a nasty day, today is cloudy but warm outside, 54 degrees warm in January.  Tomorrow it may reach 64 degrees or better, I will be at the beach.  Last night we held our second meeting, despite the weather.  Only a few folks showed, but we had a great time.  Alan, Josh, CJ and I sat around and traded stories.  I told CJ what our goals with the club were, and what some of the goals DSF is working towards.  He came out to see what the meetings were all about, and he had some great input.  I am looking forward to fishing with him, and this summer is going to be a blast, I can already predict that.  We all agreed in the very beginning there will never be political discussions at these meetings.  Politics is for the politicians, I like to be informed obviously, I just do not like to take up valuable time set aside for “fun” arguing politics.  I get enough of that on Facebook and other social media.  We always try to keep you updated with what is going on with the state and fisheries.  Sitting around and arguing about something is no fun and not what we intend for Monday meetings.  The DSF club will focus on general discussions, speakers, events, tournaments, shows, and much much more.  This is a club for fun and fishing in general, so people can meet, exchange stories (lies), learn techniques from beginner to advanced, or just interact with a group of people with a common interest … fishing.  If you are thinking of coming out with an agenda that does not fit the criteria, don’t bother, we do not need negativity and haters.  This is a kid friendly event, but children must be accompanied by an adult.  The food at Old Bay is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.  The Happy Hour specials alone are a great deal.  Next Monday we will have a demonstration on tying the big flies the boys use at the Indian River Inlet.  You Snead This Gear should be available to do this demonstration, if not Alan should be available. (hint boys, get your gear together).

Ty Gear, stainless steel leader, strong fishing leader,
Ty Gear for making very strong fishing leaders for toothy fish, brought in by Josh.

Josh brought a piece of “Ty Gear” with him last night.  It is a stainless steel leader that is very flexible, can be tied, or twisted, and heated up to created a loop.  Even twisted together the coating on it would “grip”, once heated it would hold fast.  I have heard of this product before, just never used any, and I hear it is a tad “pricey”.  It would be great to make leaders for any toothy fish you were trying to catch.  I think we will make a “box” for the group to bring in things to show other anglers, and keep them on hand for every Monday night.  If you have any suggestions or contributions please let me know.  It would be a good learning experience, and teaching tool for everyone.  Josh used to mate on charters, as did CJ, those boys had some stories last night.  That is one cool thing about this group, we never know what type of anglers will drop by.  CJ has been fishing Delaware waters his entire life, and I look forward to hitting the surf with him, he has a lot of knowledge.  He is also the 12th person to tell me about a very unusual catch at the Inlet this past summer, and I will get more details before I start telling you this fish story.  I hardly believe it myself, but anything can happen, and eventually does, even if it is just once.  I know, the suspense is killing you.  Come out to next week’s meeting and maybe we will have the answer to this catch of a lifetime.  I am working on a schedule for speakers and events,we have to get the special use permits from the parks for several events.  I will keep you posted of any updates and changes.

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We are participating in the Lewes Polar Plunge this year, if you could, please a take a moment, click this link to donate, and contribute to our efforts.  Devin Stark is team captain, and plunging.  If he hits a $1000 in donations his mom, Kristen, and myself will jump in the icey Atlantic ocean.  We will ride the Black Pearl to the event, and keep the heaters running!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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