Drive On Beaches Closed To Vehicles Till Thursday And Possibly Longer


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Conquest Beach looking towards the bridge.

State parks says the drive on beaches will be closed to vehicles until Wednesday morning.  They will evaluate the beaches tomorrow morning and decide from there whether they will open them.  right now the tide is low and the beaches are clear.  High tide could push water up to the dune edges again in some areas.  We are still looking at some powerful storm surge out there.  The surfers are having a blast today.  You can access the parking lots and walk on to fish or beach comb.  Watch the swales at high tide they are full of water and the sand can be quick.  Not only will a vehicle get stuck but you can as well.  I sank up to my knee yesterday next tot he naval jetty in Cape Henlopen state park.  Driving through a filled swale is a really bad idea.  We had to pull a jeep out last year that tried to drive through and sank instantly to its frame.


dune breach, swale, tide fishing,conquest beach, delaware seashore state park,sussex county
Low spot on Conquest beach where the breach occurred. DO NOT drive through this

Once parks decides what they are doing tomorrow we will let you know.  The breach area has been temporarily filled in to prevent more water washing onto route 1.   The area that was carved out by the ocean was almost four feet tall, where the water broke through.  The beaches are flat for the most part.  Northside of the Indian River inlet s a very thing beach, they lost a lot of sand. The beach is cut back to the old coast guard station tower stand.  Eventually it will fill back in.


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Conquest beach to Faithful Steward at high tide

I haven’t seen Cape Henlopen yet, but pictures sent to me show a nice wide smooth beach.  Delaware Seashosre State Park and Fenwick Island State Park look just fine but again areas will wash over at high tide due to the storm surge still present.  The surf wash is wide at Finewick Island and it looks a little like Jersey or Assateague.  That will fill in eventually and be much smoother.  right now at high tide there is a trough in the wash area.  The sand is super soft in there so be careful wading you will sink fast.  The beaches getting hammered is not over yet. Tuesday, so far there are predictions for thirteen foot waves from Hurricane Maria.  So we have that to look forward to after the weekend.

Fish On!

Rich King

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