DRBA Scuttles Broken Ferry

The broken Cape May-Lewes ferry has been frustrating for many motorists. The schedules are all messed up and people are now wandering around the parking lots of the terminals yelling … “Dude where’s my car”

Ferry sinking

DRBA reports an hour ago the captain of said ferry was seen … flushing all the toilets, opening all the faucets, opening all the windows, doors and ports, then he slammed the door to his wheelhouse screaming “piece of **&^$#, while jumping over board. He was picked up by a nearby tug boat and treated for anxiety.
We now have some new structure to fish near the outer wall, her final resting place.

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Ferry sinking

Maybe now we can finally get that Cape May-Lewes tunnel completed. It will be a one way tunnel that only goes to Cape May, there are no return lanes. The optional bridge above will also have a one way lane with a bike path in the middle.

Fish On!
Rich King

Yasssss …. it is April Fools Day also known as international don’t believe a damn thing you see on the internet today, or most days for that matter.

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