This Is Why You Don’t Drive Over Debris

We found a lot of pieces of wood today with nails sticking out of them.  That is the main reason to never drive through debris lines on the beach.  Just about every piece of wood can or does have a nail sticking out of it.  The one we did find today had a 12 inch spike.  That would destroy a tire.  There were a couple of palettes found on Fenwick Island State Park Beach recently in the drive on sections with nails in them. Strange but they were in the section that people drive through, which is odd considering a storm hasn’t washed anything that far up the beach in months.   

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Washboard ruts from not airing down are another issue you need to be careful driving across

With nor’easter season coming it is good to keep the debris dangers in mind.  This time of year fewer vehicles are on the beaches as it gets closer to fall into winter.  Also keep a compressor with you.  Driving over wood can also ruin your vehicle.  Recently a friend of mine lost his gas tank when a 2 x 10 slammed into his underside that was left on the drive on entrance buried from a vehicle getting stuck.  Fill in your holes and take your wood with you. 

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