DNREC’s 30th Annual Beach Grass Planting

Hello! We are planning the 30th Annual Beach Grass Planting! Our efforts this year will be focused on areas where dune repairs were made and dunes that have bare areas that were not planted last year.

Each March since 1990, many dedicated volunteers have helped to build and protect Delaware’s sand dunes by planting Cape American beach grass on Delaware’s ocean and Delaware Bay beaches. Their efforts have been very successful in helping to re-establish the vegetation along our coastline. Our plan is to plant beach grass in various bare areas, to help stabilize existing dunes so that they may continue to grow.

Planted Beach grass
Planted Beach grass

The 2019 Beach Grass Planting will be from 9 AM to 12 noon on Saturday, March 16, 2019. If you and your family and friends are able to volunteer, please register online at:

(If you have trouble reaching the registration site, please try updating your browser or using Google Chrome.)

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Please note, that we will be planting in several areas and some require more volunteers than others. Also, even though an area is listed, it may not be ready for beach grass by the time of the event.  Therefore, we would greatly appreciate if you made at least 3 choices in order of preference (1=most preferred, 5=least preferred).  We will do our best to assign you to your first choice, but this is not guaranteed.

Beach grass growing after planting a year later.

Please expect to get an e-mail confirming your registration and giving you your assigned site and other information about a week prior to the event.

If you do not wish to register on-line or have any questions about the planting, please give me a call at (302) 739-9921 or send me e-mail at Jennifer.Pongratz@state.de.us until January 25th, then use Jennifer.Pongratz@delaware.gov .

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

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