DNREC Emergency Order Changes American Shad Limits Tomorrow

DNREC August 26, 2022 … American Shad regulations have been amended to reduce the recreational possession limit and require minimum twine size on commercial gill nets.
The regulations:
7 DE Administrative Code 3591 American Shad and Hickory Shad Creel Limits;
3592 Atlantic Ocean American Shad Season and Closure;
Addition of 3593: Minimum Thread, Twine, or Monofilament Diameter for Anchored Gill Nets)
go into effect August 28, 2022.
The amended regulations reduce the recreational daily possession limit of American Shad to two fish.
Anchored gill nets used during the spring gill net season (March 1 – May 10), that have a stretched mesh equal to or greater than four inches, to be constructed of thread, twine or monofilament with a minimum diameter of 0.52 mm.
These amendments are required for Delaware to remain in compliance with the ASMFC Delaware River Sustainable Fishing Plan for American Shad.

Secretary’s Order Approving Final Regulation for American Shad

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