Diamond Back Terrapin nesting season

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Diamond Back Terrapin in Delaware Seashore State Park

Diamond Back Terrapin nesting season starts in May.  Keep an eye out for these little guys this year.  The State of Delaware no longer has any funded projects to protect the Diamond Back terrapin due to lack of funding and no volunteers available to assist these creatures.  Usually there are groups that will look out for them during the peak of the season, and help them across busy roads as well the dune fences that block their movements.  They will cross route 1 and many other roads to get to the bays to lay eggs and then head back to the ocean.  If you see one please help them out and place them on the side of the road they were heading towards.  We saw a lot of them last year in the surf and watched them head off into the dunes.  Please be wary of them this year.  They will cross roads as far north as Port Mahon.  We helped a lot of them cross the rip rap wall along the beach at Port Mahon last year.  Mostly they are seen in great numbers near the Charles W Cullen bridge spanning the Indian River Inlet.  If you see one that needs assistance you can also contact the Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education.  Also, it is not uncommon for hatchlings that are laid later in the season to go into brumation (mild hibernation) and they will emerge now and head out.  Just a heads up in case you see any little ones running around.  Thank You

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