Delaware Surf Fishing report and Monday’s club meetings

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Kristen sent us the air temps in the sand … Larry saw the same writing 4 hours later, and sent us a picture … DSF is everywhere was his caption

The last few days have been freakishly warm out, and the beach was beautiful, it even smelled like summer.  Kristen Kemper was on 3R’s and Fenwick Island beaches.  She found more cool driftwood than she caught fish.  She did find an interesting piece of wood that was part of an old ship.  It has little historical value, according to the folks at the state.  Since it was washed up on the beach, and dried out, it will just fall apart after time.  It does have some neat old pegs, holes for pegs, and old nails.  It looked like part of a keel.  She might bring it Monday night to the club meeting.  She sent us the water, temperature, and surf conditions, then bounced around a few other places.  We posted these and pictures on our DSF Facebook page.  Larry Phillips later that day saw signs of DSF written in the sand, literally, and he caught 3 skates, or surf rats.  He still had a good time feeling a tug on his lines.  It was gorgeous this week on the sand.  We are all anticipating the arrival of spring, and it should not be long.  I know it is close, Sharky’s Grill in Dewey Beach, DE opened this weekend ready for the season, 7 days a week, breakfast burritos are on, and free coffee!!  Cabin fever combined with these teaser warm days are just no fun.  Like the saying says … life is a beach.

delaware surf fishing, beach scene, tired of winter i want to fast forward to complaining how hot and crowded it is, summer in delaware, beaches in delaware
My cabin fever rant for the day … come on summer!!

Sea bass has been good out front, as have tautog.  You just have to go out to a 100 feet or more of water.  Too long a trip in the cold for this cowboy.  Charters and head boats that are going out have been booked.  Some of the reports coming in from the local ponds and waterways.  CJ Jarrell of Striper King Gear (soon to be the hottest DSF approved apparel in the area) said the Milton area is hot for yellow perch and crappie.  Shorty striped bass (10 inch) at the Indian River Inlet on pink plastics.  It was dead on the rail, and hardly a soul there, but that will change.  I have been telling people over and over, we are going to get very crowded this year.  Mitch King of Port Dewey and I were discussing that last night at the restaurant.  Real estate around here is becoming scarce, people are looking at Delaware for their summer plans, and in some cases a permanent home.  We keep seeing this trend online in our servers, with a huge increase in traffic from areas that normally vacation elsewhere.  It will be very crowded here on the weekends, so plan ahead, and learn to live local.  You do not have to be at the restaurant by 5 p.m.  relax, stay on the beach, or in the boat, and go out later, less crowds.  Some of our sponsors are gearing up for the season, Rattle and Reel’s backroom looked like Christmas today.  They have tons of gear, ready for the coming summer.  Rick’s Bait & Tackle will be open March 1st, and I believe they will have a nice surprise for customers this year.


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Conquest beach in Delaware Seashore State Park is waiting for you …..

DSF Monday club meetings at Old Bay Steakhouse have been great.  The turnout has been decent, and will just get bigger.  We have had some great discussions, and I was hoping to have Captain Bill Baker Sr. there this week, but he is very busy with meetings that concern our fisheries.  I will have the information on licensing fees posted this week, and we can discuss them in length at the meeting if everyone so desires.  We do not get political at these meetings, but discussing issues that concern our fisheries at times is a must.  One of the discussions this week will involve the new proposed outfall, we are looking for informed opinions.  On March 4th we will have EJ  Chalabala  from the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays give a presentation on the oyster restoration program.  We will have a special menu for that night, and a portion of proceeds will be donated by Delaware’s Old Bay Restaurant to the CIB.  This Monday we are also going to work on the club itself, and Cast for Cancer.  CJ has made some progress on our fundraiser, but we are still waiting to hear from the parks about special use permits, which is holding up planning, but keep August 24th open.    We are trying to get the club organized with club dues and officers as well.  DSF Pro Staff will fill these positions for now, until we have enough interest from anyone who wants to help.  I know several of you have asked about being DSF Pro Staff, at this point and time we have 7, and that is all we can handle.  It takes a serious commitment to be DSF Pro Staff.  I will introduce all of us soon, some you already know.  We are serious about protecting Delaware’s tidal waters, and accurate information for the angler.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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  1. Richard Pilkington says

    Great job as usual Rich! I always look forward to your columns! I always read with great interest when you reference how busy we are going to be in this area due to the storm sandy! I haven’t heard you mention again the free beach tags to emergency workers! This alone will increase the amount of traffic on the beaches and only exacerbate the overflow even more! Lots of fun for everyone! Cool heads will need to prevail! Here’s hoping!

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