Delaware Surf Fishing Report

Finally something to talk about besides white perch, skates, dogfish, and the coming spring runs.

Striped bass action is finally picking up more in the upper Delaware Bay and river. Up north Richard King, commercial angler, and owner of Port Penn Bait and Tackle … “We are starting to see more and more big striped bass in our nets. They are following the bunker we are catching.”
Reedy Point’s water temperature is about forty seven degrees. Fish are feeding. Farther down he coast the water is cooler, but these are surface temperatures. The Coastal Water Temperature Guide gives anglers real time surface temperatures and station temperatures.

Don’t forget the new circle hook law for striped bass. DS Custom Tackle’s surf rigs are perfect for striped bass. Only rigs available locally that have the legal circle hook.

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Bunker in the nets for Port Penn Bait and Tackle
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The resident short striped bass have been schooling up, down here in the inland bays for the past couple weeks. Ultralight action is getting more and more hot. The water temperatures are bouncing form firty seven to fifty one degrees. Optimal striped bass catching temperatures. Masseys ditch water temperatures are easy to find online.
Last year at this time the surf was hot with the “surf rats” as we like to call them. Rat wrangling is a lot of fun. Up and down the beaches is good action, but better action around the inlet at the walls on the beach side. For those that have to find an easy spot to catch.
This will pick up more soon as it warms up a tick. Over the weekend expect that to happen.
If you aren’t out fishing don’t expect to catch. Seriously this time of year things happen so fast if you aren’t out there you miss it. Even then you might still miss, but at least you were there.

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(March 2019)_ … Andrew with the first bass of the day on a spoon.

This time last year beaches were being shut down so expect to see more people fishing and catching this year. Social fishtancing is sill my preferred way to deal with people right now. The Delaware beach towns are more crowded now than last year already. Be safe out there.

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