Delaware Surf Fishing Report

Summer time fishing has been hot to not. Depends on the day and the tide. Low tide and a hot day doesn’t make for the best fishing. You have to go a little deeper. The pompano just showed up, so everyone is excited about that. There seems to be much large pompano at Assateague than Delaware right now.

Nice to see some larger weakfish in the surf and around the inland bays. The unicorns are getting bigger they usually average about 14 inches most of the time. I’ve seen some bigger ones the past week.

pompano on the grill, delaware surf fishing,
The girls eating their pompano at the beach

There is a lot of blue runners in the surf lately. Nothing like catching a six inch fish on an eleven foot rod. We have been using Fishbites for just about everything and all kinds of flavors. Bloodworm long lasting or fast acting, Sand worm, sand flea, electric chicken crab, and shrimp. I had a rig with dried up Fishbites bloodworms formula that was two weeks old and it caught fish. Just took it a hot minute to soften back up and start dissolving. I’m kind of hard on my gear, product testing the limits of not taking care of it. It’s great, I get to be lazy on purpose.

Blue runner caught at Conquest on Fishbites and a DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rig

Plenty of fresh bait all over the place, mullet and peanut bunker are abundant around the inland bays and waterways. Not many in the surf yet, but that will change soon enough. Plenty of silversides along the point bayside. Lot of guys with cast nets wandering along the Cape Henlopen pier and Lewes beach looking for mullet. Sand fleas are always an option and abundant. Mullet has been preferred for the bluefish, those catches have been random as well.

pompano, kingfish, assateague, national seashore park
Josh Levan getting pompano and kingfish at Assateague
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If you see a school of blues along the beach get the spoons out. I have a bunker spoon that has been killing it, I acquired at a show from Captain John’s. Great little spoon, highly recommend. Deadly dicks and any shiny spoon will wear out bluefish this time of year. The cocktail blues will be fun on light gear bayside of the point soon.

Flounder are in the surf if you take the time to jig for them. The bayside of the point and at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier beaches are a great place to jig or fly fish for flounder. Offshore action has been great for flounder.

bluefish, bunker spoon, delaware, conquest beach
Bunker spoon from Captain John’s

“Flea-ing for bass” is fun at the Indian River Inlet. Just toss in a handful of sand fleas and seed the water. The small striped bass will feed like crazy. Then toss a couple fleas in on a four or six aught hook. No weight needed just throw it into the area you tossed the fleas and hold on. Lot of fun action. Sheepshead, triggers and filefish are around the inlet too. All of them will hit sand fleas.

black drum, puppy drum, conquest beach, delaware state parks, sussex county, delaware surf fishing
Puppy drum or baby black drum caught by Jeff Sands

Kingfish, croaker, spot, short bass, weakfish, burrfish, pompano, blue runners, puffers, puppy drum, and sand perch are in the surf. The catches are random at times and you just have to be there. DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs for the win.
Just surf fish, catching will happen eventually. Our buddy Barney caught a banded rudderfish on the bayside of the point a few days ago. Get out and surf fish, no telling what you will pull in during second summer.

the point,  ;ighthouse, breakwater lighthouse, delaware, sussex county,
My annual shot of the lighthouse in my rod guides

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