Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors Show and More


Thank you everyone for the support over the last three plus years.  It has all lead up to this moment. This is the reworked pilot we showed to a local TV station and DSF is now in negotiations to produce an outdoor show about Delaware.  We plan on having all kinds of shows covering all aspects of outdoor activities, sports, events, and festivities in the entire state of Delaware.  We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. The show will be a half an hour long and this pilot is merely a sample of what we are going to produce.  This website will always be here for updated fishing information and much more is being added over the winter.  It has been a pleasure serving the community and we will continue to do so with this new venture.  I want to thank Mac Davis Photography and Techno Goober for all of the hard work, we are just getting started.  Thanks to all of you (our readers) this has become possible and something I have wanted to do for along time.

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