Delaware Surf Fishing Club’s Monday Meetings at Old Bay Steakhouse

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There are always fish stories, and some are even true. “One time at shark camp …….”

Tomorrow night at Old Bay Steakhouse 5:30 p.m. is our
Monday meeting for the DSF Fishing club …
tomorrow night’s subject will be … What to call this besides a club.
Possibly a “fishing Forum” or “Cafe”, Club always comes with a set “tone” … As you know DSF is very innovative, so we are looking for something to set our own “tone” … I spoke with the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware Yesterday, and a few other folks this past week. We will have a speaker available every month, and that schedule will be up soon. That will also be part of tomorrow night’s discussion … whom, what, and when. I may have a surprise Monday night as well, you will have to show to know. We are going to have an informal dinner every month with a speaker, I have to work some details out with Zach King about the costs.  Everyone eats, we listen to our speaker, followed by discussion.  I have a list of topics (suggestions) that should last 5 years, so far.

Last week we covered ideas and suggestions for things the “club” could do together.  We will always start off with suggestions and concerns.  Several folks came out last week … Nancy, Joe, Jerry, Josh, Kandy, Alan, Scott, and Kenny.  We sat around the tables and came up with a lot of ideas.  The first being to move the table so it is easier to sit and discuss topics.  I told them … This is your club what do you want to get out of it or learn?  The suggestions covered almost every aspect of all types of fishing.  This could take a while to cover everything, and that is a good.  The meeting was fun.  The broad range of topics was due to the large demographic of anglers there.  In that small group we had onshore, offshore, surf, pier, rock, rail, kayak, charter, head boat, sweet water, crabbers, clammers, and beginner anglers.  I would say we had our bases rather well covered.  Scott brought a reel he was hoping to see if anyone had any parts.  That created an informative discussion on reel parts, and of course that lead into other discussions.  Just like fishing, you never know what is going to happen. I am looking forward to seeing many of you again tomorrow night.  If you have something you think the group would like to see or a story to tell, come out and join us at 5:30 p.m. “ish” at Old Bay Steakhouse on Route 1.  We could have a show and tell session every meeting, we will see what people bring tomorrow night.  If you have a specific question or topic, bring that as well.

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