Delaware striped bass record has been broken and confirmed

I talked to Ben Smith today, he is still stoked, and wearing an ear-to-ear grin.  It is confirmed he has the new state record for striped bass in Delaware.  Congratulations again buddy!  Ben asked me to take the skins to a local biologist to see if they would want them.  I contacted Chris Bason Executive Director of the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, and we met at their building.  Roy Miller was there, and he extracted scale samples for everyone at the state who would be interested.  Chris and I learned about aging fish with scales, and apparently the fish’s head would tell us much better.  So this evening I went looking for a body, to retrieve the head.  Hopefully this is the closest to zombie hunting I will ever reach.  I couldn’t find the “body” but will look again when I have more light outside tomorrow, zombie hunting is frowned upon at night.  After I left the center I dropped by 3R’s beach in Delaware Seashore State Park (DSSP).

winter flounder, window pane, delaware surf fishing, delaware seashore state park
Winter flounder caught in Delaware Seashore State Park form the surf … Photo by Kristen Kemper

I ran around a bit today, saw the dredge setting up in Love Creek at the old Boat Hole marina.  The dock area is being rebuilt, and the creek dredged.  I spoke with Dan Fielder the other day, and he informed me they were dredging the channel to 4 feet below the low tide line.  The slurry will be stored in giant “slurry bags” and must sit for at least a year before it can be used as fill dirt.  This is a project that has been needed to be done for a while.  I will keep you updated on the old Boat Hole Marina and what is going on over there, throughout the winter months.  Speaking of dredging, I fished Massey’s landing last night, and this afternoon.  The tide was moving out rather fast, and the water coming across the sandbar sounded like rapids on a fast mountain river.  It was a loud constant roaring sound, like white water rapids.  It was not that bad when I was there every day 2 months ago.  The area in front of the fishing pier is still covered in debris from hurricane Sandy.  I will find out what we can do to clean it up, with some volunteer help.  I am sure the folks at the Delaware Center for the Inland bays can help me out with this.  I didn’t catch anything, saw a few shad chase my lure, and called it a night.  I was mostly there to go through the motions and relax.  The whole point of fishing to me … the calm from going through the motions.  Catching is a bonus.  I needed the decompression of sitting on a pier, and watching the bridge turn blue.  The sounds of the mighty river in the background.  Herons flying and squawking over territories, fish flashing under the lights.  A little fog but not much to worry about, and it was kind of warm.  Just a nice night on the water, relaxing.

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