Delaware Seashore State Park and the Indian River Inlet are open

striped bass, striper, rockfish, delaware seashore state park
Ryan Falgowski of Lewes with a Tournament Striper at 23.45 lbs and 41 inches … Photo By Bill’s Sport Shop

Delaware Seashore State Park opened up today, as did the Indian River Inlet, and the Charles W. Cullen bridge was opened last evening.  I headed down this morning arrived about 8:30 a.m. and checked the area.  The Inlet survived fine, there are erosion gullies along the jetty cap.  The chain link fences caught, and held a lot of debris.  The jetty cap out front on the North side has dropped significantly, and is leaning a bit towards the beach.  Be careful when venturing out to the rock wall.  There were folks with metal detectors all over the place this morning.  The dunes are eroded to the trees on coin beach.  Faithful steward was the only drive on access open this morning.  The beach closer to the walk on for the surfers is carved, and will fill in with water behind vehicles at high tide.  3R’s parking lot was one large mud puddle, but is accessible, and drivable.  The beaches are looking okay, they are shelved off from the storm but should fill back, the exposed pylons on the far south end of 3R’s were exposed over 6 feet and now are closer to 3-4 feet in a matter of days. The South side of the Inlet has erosion gullies along the jetty cap.  There are whole trees jammed into the rocks and twisted up in the rail.  The campground is still there, and seems to have survived just fine. Savages ditch kayak launch area and pavilion is open.  New rd. (kite beach) the parking lot was carved up a bit, and filled in with sand, in some areas the old marsh bed is exposed.  Driving that lot is a tad tricky in a car.  There is still some clean up that needs to be done to DSSP.  I am sure there will be a volunteer day for that, and we will let you know when that will happen.  You can view many pictures on the DSF Facebook page.

striper, striped bass, rockfish, delaware surf fishing
Evan Falgowski of Lewes with a Tournament Striper at 26.45 lb and 40 inches … Photo By Bill’s Sport Shop
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Cape Henlopen State park the point beach opened up today.  At high tide there is a good chance of the entire area covering in water.  People were there today fishing the surf heavy.  Hoping for the big stripers to come around that point.  There were a few entries into Bill’s Striper Tournament over the weekend.  The dinner on Friday was excellent, I had a good time seeing some friends.  It was nice to be back to the “norm”, well almost, we still have some clean up to do, and a possible Nor’easter headed this way, and will arrive the middle of the week.  Today in the surf, more redfish just in the wash of the waves, and many were keeper size, which is 20 – 27 inches.  Dogfish, skate, and shorty stripers were also caught.  Mullet was the choice of baits today.  A ling was caught on Beach Plum Island today by Jeff Wildonger, on clam.  Everyone surf fishing today, and yesterday had a good time on the beach.   Many people have just been walking the beaches to see what has washed up on shore.  There are all kinds of things out there, it is amazing what we throw away.  Only for it to eventually end up in the ocean,and wash up on our beaches.  Be careful driving through the tide lines, I saw a piece of wood today with a nail sticking out of it, point up, the wood was 2 inches by 2 inches.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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