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Sam Adams with his 41-pound, 5-ounce striper.

So the latest news is ABC is going to launch a show called Murder Town and shoot it in Wilmington, DE.  Not sure how I feel about that, on the one hand you could just rebroadcast the daily news, or maybe it will be a decent show, thankfully I don’t watch much TV.  Well except the walking Dead.   People on the internet are up in arms over the color or lack thereof, on a coffee cup at an overpriced chain coffee shop. I am more upset that a six dollar cup of coffee doesn’t come with a shot of Baileys or Kahlua.  Make your coffee at home and use the savings to help people in your own community.  Better yet go fishing and maybe people wouldn’t be as uptight over some trivial nonsense.  There is nothing like free press from a controversy online.  This weeks trending claim to fishing fame goes to a young man (6 years old) who reeled in a striped bass from the surf on his own, in New Jersey.  The fish is as big as he is and I am sure young Sam Adams is hooked for life now, pun intended.  Nice catch young man and it was good to see he was given the space to reel in this catch of a lifetime.  The video of him reeling in this fish has gone viral, nice to see a positive video go viral instead of the normal junk we see online.



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Water temperatures of El Nino on Nov. 6th from Rutgers

Speaking of fishing, it has been a few days of short bass, small blues and undersized flounder.  At least there is some action out there.  The sea bass trips for the charters has been awesome.  The tautog bite is hot to not depending on where you go and that changes constantly.  We have had some fun hitting the bass at night on swim shads and plugs in the back bays.  The small blues are destroying whole frozen mullet on mullet rigs.  You can hit blues, shad, and sort striped bass at the Indian River Inlet.  Everyone keeps asking when will the bass get here?  We received this message about 3 days ago and it motivated us to get out there.  Honestly we don’t need much motivation or an excuse, but it always helps … “The big group of large striped bass that was off of Seaside and Island Beach State Park last week is now barreling passed Long Beach Island. There was lots of bunker tight to the beach which gave both boats and surf anglers a good shot at them. Hopefully you guys will have some bait close to shore when this body of fish moves through Delaware waters to give you guys an opportunity at this group of fish.”  As of today LBI is hot for striped bass so it is probable that school stalled there for some food and this is the normal pattern, or there is a large school headed right for us.  The exciting part is trying to find out by fishing for them.  I have not heard much from the boats and such, and that is also normal this time of year.  We also are dealing with mild water temperatures up the entire coast from El Nino.  A few years ago when this happened there were bluefin mixed in with some of the bass schools close to shore, maybe that will happen again.  In the mean time we will keep you posted … have a great week.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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