Striped Cusk Eel (Ophidion marginatum)

Striped Cusk Eel (Ophidion marginatum)

cusk eel, striped cusk eel
cusk eel

Also known as … cusk eel,

Description …

They are a elongated tapering fish with an eel-like appearance but can be distinguished from true eels by their ventral fins.  These are developed into a forked like barbel organ below the mouth in the cusk eels, contrasted by either missing entirely in true eels or very undeveloped.  Which act as sensory devices, searching out food as the fish swims along the bottom.  The rest of the fins, dorsal (top), anal (bottom) and caudal (tail) fins  are continuous along the body.   Striped Cusk-Eels only reach about 9 inches total length.  There are 30 different species and the striped cusk eel is common on the entire east coast.  They are commonly caught in Delaware in the summer time on bloodworms, fishbites, crab, clam, and squid pieces.

There is a recording that a cusk eel makes

Delaware Creel Limit …  None  

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Cusk eels caught in the surf by Jayce Yale
Cody Thornton with a cusk eel he caught, Cody says surf fishing is thumbs up this year.
cusk eel, delaware, sussex county, fenwick island, delaware seashorestate park, cape henlopen state park
Sean Cleaver caught this cusk eel at Fenwick Island


cusk eel, sand eel, dsf, delaware surf fishing, delaware seashore state park
Cusk Eel caught in the surf … photo by Raymond Hamm













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