Current Nor’easter conditions Low Tide is An Hour Away

This nor’easter will push water for a few days

This is going to be a stacked up water event for the inland bays. Three to four days of Northeast winds pushing water. Route 1 will absolutely flood after or during high tide this afternoon which is at 2 PM. The amount of water pushing in already was up above normal from us coming out of the new moon. Luckily this is not a full moon tide. Last night’s wrack line was to the dune base, you can see it in the web cam pictures. Low tide is nearly where high tide was last night. Might see a dune breach in Delaware Seashore State Park or Fenwick Island by one of these high tides.
We have at least six high tide cycles to go through, with constant nor’easter winds until Tuesday. This is when we see more than minor flooding around the inland bays between tides. This afternoon after high tide will be a good indication just how bad for the next few days.

Tides this weekend at Indian River Inlet.
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Nor’easters are an issue for us because if the water can’t drain out of the inland bays, it just stacks up from the wind. Each high tide floods worse, pushing in more water, that doesn’t leave either. When your area is still flooded at low tide, then you will have a problem with the next incoming tide.
We are used to this, those that are new to the area are in for a special few days. The Delaware bay will look like the ocean. All lower areas will flood this afternoon. How bad afterwards remans to be seen.

The red line is last night’s wrack line

Check the area web cams for conditions.

Lightship Overfalls Live Webcam Lewes, Delaware

Indian River Inlet web cam

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