Cuda Been A WMO Contender Now You’re Dinner

Barracuda caught off the coast of Maryland and Delaware during the White Marlin Open

The Gulf Stream brings us many strange, unusual, rare, vicous, and tasty fish visitors. Once in a while we see a catch like this barracuda. The other day Stephen Paris and his boys were fishing the White Marlin Open when they managed to troll up a little barracuda, aka Cuban Wahoo near the Phoenix canyon. These are not an entry for the WMO, but still a cool catch

white marlin open, wmo, barracuda, delaware, sussex county
Barracuda aka cuban wahoo John Whalen caught during the WMO

These are my favorite fish ID’s. I get a message …
Hey man we just got this a little while ago is it?
“why yes it is that is a great catch, and they are good to eat too, watch your fingers. Send me a picture of the teeth just to be sure, but I am 99% you got a barracuda.”

white marlin open, wmo, barracuda, delaware, sussex county
Barracuda’s teeth aka cuban wahoo caught by John Whalen during the WMO

A few years ago a very large barracuda was caught near the Delaware Bay. I will have to dig those pictures up it is agreat story too. It was a beast of a fish.

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This little cuda or Cuban Wahoo was caught during the White Marlin Open. Stephen Paris .. “We got it on a dress ballyhoo trolling. Thing took off when it ate, John Whalen caught it aboard Jitters FIsh Factory. I got a Mahi that day too.”

mahi, dolphin fish, wmo, white marlin open
Stephen Paris with the mahi he caught during the White Marlin Open aboard Jitters Fish Factory

The Gulf stream brings us many unique tropical fish visitors to Delaware. Unfortunately for these visitors they will never return home. All of the tropical fish that come up with the Gulf stream perish or are caught. Once the water changes to fall into winter temperatures they won’t survive. If they don’t get caught, they don’t make it home. Don’t freak out this has been happening for a very long time.

mahi, dolphin fish, wmo, white marlin open
Mark and John Whalen with a mahi they caught during the WMO

This year we are seeing much bigger pompano, and there are a decent amount of triggers here again, along the walls and wrecks, and reefs. None of these fish will survive up here once the water changes temperatures. These are not migratory fish, they got caught up the in warm water Gulf Stream and moved with it. Townsend angelfish have been found in Scotland before. It is amazing the types of reef dwelling fish we see like the angels and butterflies.

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