Crashing Servers Charging Twice For Surf Tags and stop calling 911

The Delaware Surf Fishing Tag debacle continues

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This morning five minutes before it was to open, the parks’ servers crashed at 10:55 AM. From there it just kept snowballing. Our servers took a hit for thirty seconds (5k hits in a minute) but we just auto spin up more servers and take the load.
Many people who do make it through online are then getting booted off the servers just as they hit order. Then they go back to redo the order and get charged twice. Be careful. If you get dumped off during payment wait a bit and check your card activity. Confirmation emails are an issue on Office 365 apparently too or at least on our end on three different servers. call302 739 9220 for multipole charges.
There isn’t a selection for a physical tag to be mailed to you for whatever reason we do not know. You can pick up a tag for free at any park office.
Also stop calling 911 about the servers being down … seriously??. People calling the park emergency number, that call goes to the 911 call center. In case you didn’t know

Meanwhile those dispatchers are probably trying to get their Delaware surf fishing tags too, between calls. This has been wild to watch online.

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