Council on Recreational Fishing Funding to meet Nov. 12 in Dover

Council on Recreational Fishing Funding to meet Nov. 12 in Dover

DOVER (Nov. 7, 2019) – Delaware’s Council on Recreational Fishing Funding will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, in Legislative Hall’s Senate Hearing Room, 411 Legislative Avenue, Dover, DE 19901.

For more information, including the meeting agenda, visit the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar at For more information on Delaware fisheries, please call the DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Fisheries Section at 302-739-9914.

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recreational fishing funding council, Delaware
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If you want to know how our recreational fishing license money is used, pay attention to this council. I went to my first meeting months ago and it was well … shocking to say the least from what I witnessed. Pay attention to the money they always say, we will be from here on out. This meeting is open to the public

recreational fishing funding council, Delaware
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