Coastwide Bloodworm Shortage Use Fishbites Instead

There is a coast wide bloodworm shortage. Long story short the suppliers can’t collect enough for the demand due to many issues. Dave Beebe owner of Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle posted yesterday … “Sheepscot River Bait of Woolwich, Maine. Brian is the owner, and with 35 years of experience under his belt, when he tells you something, you’d be wise to shut up and listen. Apparently, the demand for bloodworms has far outstripped the available supply. Brian’s operation handles tens of thousands of quality bloods weekly and he is a PIA about quality worms. As a result of his reputation as THE quality worm supplier in Maine, he pretty much sells everything he gets before he gets it. I’ve pretty much offered to land a helicopter in his yard if I could get worms from him, but the local market in Maine is so strong that he never has extras. According to Brian, the worm shortage is a combination of declining worm populations and a scarcity of diggers. The supply may get better from time to time, but the days of reliable deliveries of quality worms to supply us down here may be a thing of the past. I think it’s accurate to say that almost no one on the eastern shore will have bloodworms this weekend……. Fishbites Versus Bloodworms

Barney cleaned up on kingfish yesterday again with Fishbites Sand flea formula

That all being said Fishbites Bloodworm, Sand Flea, Crab, Shrimp and Clam formulas have been producing fish in the surf. Dave and his shop crew last year did a Fishbites Versus Bloodworms test at the pier. Sand flea fishbites have been hammering kingfish the past few days. Suzanne even dropped a nice blue on a DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rig with Sand Flea fishbites.
There are plenty of real sand fleas to dig for bait. There are always the cut baits, but they produce more scavenger catches, skates and that crew. Fishbites are clean and no mess.
Minnows are also a little tough to find.
Good luck this weekend.

Lures are working for bluefish and striped bass just have to put in some time and a lot of casting.

A. Lot. Of. Casting.

Delaware Surf Fishing Report June 2, 2022

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DO NOT Drive Through The Wet Sand

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Suzanne Martin dropped this blue at Cape Henlopen this morning using Fishbites on a DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rig.
Bob got a burrfish

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