Catfish and Striped bass in the Delaware River

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Connor fishing Augustine Beach on the Jetty

Mikey Williamson and Conner fished yesterday (Saturday).  “Nothing new up here this weekend.  With a pack of blood worms we tried out augustine.  Caught the high tide into the outgoing.  Couple people on the beach as we were leaving said they had a few cat fish. We didn’t get anything but a bump here and there.  I actually think we were feeding the crabs. So to Dobbinsville we went, and same thing. nothing there. but no word of anything there today.  Water is still cold.  That is all.  Connor is growing fast! take care guys!”   Thanks Mikey at least you boys had a fun day outdoors on the rocks.   Matt Squires fished Battery Park the other day roughly the same area we fished last time DSF and SKG went north … “ I hooked a catfish at least double the size CJ got it weighed in at 35 pounds ”   That must have been a sight to see, CJ’s looked like Moby Catfish on the retrieve.  Steven Williams fished Augustine beach this weekend as well … “Just a few bites, the wind just started to blow pretty good when I was leaving, and the tide was ready to turn, wish I could of stayed for the incoming ”  Dave LeCates ventured up North this weekend … “Augustine…one bite…assuming a perch out on the point of the rocks…hit a couple times but did not take the large hook…no other bites, no one else catching …Woodland Beach…tide was way low…water a foot deep and still like coffee…no bites..”   I am surprised none of these guys ran into one another.  CJ Jarrell of Striper King Gear and I are headed North on Wednesday to fish the Delaware River.   I am not sure but I believe we are going to Reedy Point.

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Kristen Kemper and Ray Hibbs planting sea grass in Bethany Beach

The waters up North are starting to produce some shorties and a few keepers on the Jersey side.  I have a few friends that fish over there regularly.  We are going to see what we can do this week.  The water is still a bit cold, but will warm up soon.  Massey’s Landing the other day was 43 degrees.  The water at Reedy point has been fluctuating between 40 and 44 degrees all week, keep up with the water temps in the Delaware River from the USGS real time water quality stations.   Rodney Jones, Captain of the Fish Whisperer was fishing some areas up north, and hit a few catfish on bunker chunks.  There is action out there in the form of catfish and shorty striped bass up North and Perch down here in the South.  Our resident striped bass will be more active once the water warms, we have caught them off and on all winter.  Most days it has just been too windy and cold to fish.  I can handle cold, even rain, wind is not my favorite fishing condition.  Many of the Osprey are back and feeding the back bays and sloughs.  I have yet to see any signs of Blue Crabs.  Amy and her kids were on the beach in Fenwick Island today collecting sand dollars.

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Sand Dollars collected by Amy Ormord and her kids today on Fenwick Island Beach

Kristen Kemper her lil man B, Ray Hibbs and I helped with the beach grass planting Saturday in Bethany Beach.  When we arrived there was a long line of people waiting to sign in, and many already spread out planting.  At one point a bus pulled in loaded with over thirty people.  Volunteers were given bundles of dune grass, instructions on how to plant, and a digging stick if they needed one.  One young man had a wooden samurai sword, I thought that was rather clever.  probably the coolest digging stick I saw all day.  Many people just unscrewed their broom heads and brought the stick.  We teamed up in two’s and started to plant grass.  We made quick work of a dune and moved around helping other people.  I ran into a lot of people that are very grateful for the DSF site and what we have done.  Several folks were excited to hear about the sea glass I found a week ago.  Many were very grateful for the storm reports and updates.  I meet a lot of people that stay connected to this area through DSF’s web page.  Believe it or not more people read the website than the Facebook page.  We post the main and daily reports on the website.  We have been having fun on the Facebook page this winter to keep our sanity and everyone else’s.  I want to thank everyone whom has supported DSF and all of the kind words.  It has been a lot of fun keeping everyone up to date on our area.  We will see you out there somewhere this year.  Monday night’s meeting we will work on the 2013 Great Delaware Kayak Tour Jeff Wildonger is taking this summer.  We will also work on the Cast For Cancer event we are working on for August.  April 6th we have Bill’s Sport Shop’s Flea Market and a few other events.  Details will follow soon.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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