Catch Comet NEOWISE In The Evenings

I have been up every morning trying to get a picture of comet NEOWISE.
This morning at 3:45 AM I finally found NEOWISE in the sky. Staying in the country for the win to avoid the clouds and fog at the beach. Of course today at the beach was perfect conditions. Now I have to figure out settings. Fishing is so much easier. Up at it again tomorrow to try and then we surf fish.

If you want to see NEOWISE this week you are in luck it will be in the evening sky starting July 14th to the 22nd. Every evening it will be higher in the sky as it leaves our solar system. Look to the north east below Ursa Major in the evening about an hour after sunset is the best time to start looking. Use the sky map by Sky and Telescope.
Binoculars helped me spot NEOWISE this morning. The evening sky view can start as early as the 12th fo July. People in Italy are getting fantastic views and pictures. Check out the comet NEOWISE real time shots on Spaceweather.
It will be closest to earth on the evening of July 22, only 64.3 million miles away. Look on a compass at the 331 degree range for direction.

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Map of Comet NEOWISE by Sky and Telescope

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