Buy Girl Scout Cookies To Support These Ladies

If you remember last year we did a “card For Guards” drive. We asked the community to donate gift cards to help our local Coast Guard crews due to frozen budgets. The community support and turn out was overwhelming. Over $14,000 in gift cards were collected in four hours. There was even more collected as people dropped cards off days before and after the “Cards For Guards” drive. But one group’s donation stood out among everyone.

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At the end of the day in four hours, we had a few pounds of gift cards for the “cards For Guards” totaling over $14,000.

The donation that really impressed everyone, Girl Scout troop 858. These ladies donated some of their cookie earnings to the help the coast guard crews.
Tanya Sykes … Girl Scout Troop 858 has a number of girls who know what it feels like to need assistance and so they try to give back whenever possible. When one of the girls suggested helping those that help protect us the rest of the troop agreed wholeheartedly. Especially when I asked them how they wanted to spend some of their left over cookie money from last year. In the past, we’ve done food drives and put together Christmas Child gift boxes. This year’s sale (2019) has just started and we’re already planning how to help the community next. ”

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I just wanted to remind everyone so they can drop by and help out Girl Scout Troop 858 at the following locations, listed below, this weekend. I have a case of mint cookies on reserve to pick up after the Antares rocket launch, hands off! Never needed a good excuse for my addiction to mint Girl Scout cookies, this is the best excuse ever!

Tanya Sykes …
“This weekend we are at the
Georgetown Walmart from 9-3 on Saturday
Best Ace in Long Neck on Sunday from 10-3.
Rich, I have your cookies set aside”

Thank you again Ladies you all Rock!
Rich King

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