Bunker Impale Of The Year

I’ve seen fish caught all kinds of ways, but never like this

You always hear the stories. I once fished with a guy that ____________.
I have a few of my own that are so unbelievable, but true. Like the guy who caught a bass on a shoestring and trim gun nail, that happened. It was lunchtime and we we were bored at a jobsite on Millsboro pond, and he found a worm.

I saw a fish snagged on an open swivel once. Fish spit the plug and the swivel bit the fish. But I can’t say I have seen bunker impaled like this, yet.

bunker snagged, fish stabbed by weight, delaware surf fishing
Daryl Ford holding his rig with a bunker impaled by his storm sinker

So when I saw this picture today of Daryl Ford holding his rig and the weight clean through the bunker. Purely by chance on a cast, he totally impaled this bunker. That is not how you snag bunker, but hey if it works, why not. A new technique is born, bunker impaling, brought to you by Daryl The Bunker Impaler. Second cousin to Vlad.

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bunker snagged, fish stabbed by weight, delaware surf fishing
Bunker impaled by storm sinker

Dropping lead bombs to impale bunker never occurred to me, or anyone. That storm sinker is deadly it seems. it didn’t surprise me, just never seen that before. Gives you a good idea what this would do to someone’s head.
Not to mention this would be a totally legal way to snag and drop in Delaware. You aren’t allowed to snag and drop with treble snags here, we use spoons, Shhhhh (legal). But now we can impale with storm sinkers and there isn’t a ruling on that. There are a lot of bunker off the beaches get the lead out!! Surf Fishing just got medieval.

Only other “impale” I’ve seen is the flounder Matt Pry got on an anchor that was legal size a few years ago.

Daryl Ford gets the snag and first storm sinker impale of the year … in June. Because I honestly don’t see this being topped, but the year ain’t over yet. Challenge accepted, hold my Zebco.

summer flounder, anchor fishing, gigging for flounder, indian river bay
Matt Pry … keeper flounder on anchor … nope, I kid you not, he caught a keeper flounder with the boat anchor … this will have to go up as the catch of the week

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