Broadkill Beach Replenishment Update


broadkill beach, delaware, sussex county, beach replenishment
The beach replenishment project seen from Georgia Avenue

The Broadkill Beach replenishment project has progressed past the public walk on area and you can now use the new beach.  There are fences up to keep you out of the equipment areas so please respect those warnings.  Areas can be accessed further south by walking there and you can cross the pipes at areas that have been covered with sand to make for easy access.  It is a looooong walk from the old dune line to the water’s edge.  When you first walk onto the beach you see a hill of sand and then you have to hike up and over that berm to get to the water, almost two hundred feet away.   I have yet to fish the new areas and am going to check them out this week.  You can certainly cast farther out than anyone on the old beach.  I am going to miss fishing my favorite old jetty, which will be buried in about a week or more.  I know the home owners are happy about this new beach, but the view is a bit ominous when you first walk up to the entrance.  Some people can no longer see the water from their houses, just a wall of sand.  Once the replenishment is done on the north side,  they will finish the south side.  This week the full moon will bring more spawning horseshoe crabs to the beach.  Myself and several volunteers will be there to move them to the south side away from the replenishment area.  There are more pictures below of the beach.

Fish On!!

Rich King

broadkill beach public access
The Entrance to the public walk on beach
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sussex county, beach replenishment, Broadkill beach
Walking up the berm to the water
beach replenishment, delaware channel dredging
The replenishment work area
Broad Kill Beach South view
Looking south from the top of the berm
Delaware channel dredging, broadkill beach, sussex county, delaware
Walking down the berm to the water, it is a long walk
milton beach, broadkill beach, lewes, beach plum island
Looking back at the public walk on entrance
the new broadkill Beach, sussx county
Top of the berm looking north at the equipment and the direction they are headed

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