BOLT-2 Sounding Rocket Bolts Off The Pad

Sounding rockets are sick fast. I think it hits velocity before it lights. You know those bottle rockets from the 80’s with the paper fuses that would cook your finger before you got the lighter away. Just like those. Yes, I’m that old. These sounding rockets just rip off the pad, like a rocket. Derp.

BOLT-2 Sounding Rocket blasts off the pad.

It is fun to watch these from way back in Delaware. This evening the jet trails made for some cool photo bombs. Don’t get me wrong up close and personal is fun for launches too, but occasionally so is a different perspective. Not to mention convenient and cheaper from my back yard. At the rate Wallops Island Flight Facility is going we will be treated to a lot more launches in the near future. Rocket Lab is coming! Inner nerd has left the building.

BOLT-2 Sounding Rocket over Millsboro Delaware
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So just mildly disappointed at the BOLT-2. Booooooo! No pretty colors or a second sun that people think are strange UFO’s over Delmarva. Come on Air Force, those other guys Space Force light us up! I’m just sayin we need aliens and stuff, do better. Call the marines those guys will do anything.
I’m sure the pilot in the airplanes had some fun freaking out their passengers, or at least I would.
And to your right you can see the Atlanti …HOLY S ….

See you in April for the Rocket Lab thang.

Watch Minotaur IV Soar And Roar This baby rips off the pad too.

Where You Need To Look From The Delaware Beaches To See A Rocket Launch From Wallops Island

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