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Inland Bay Oyster Farms Survived A Beating

As the bor’easter’s conditions continue. One group is still working on seeing if they have any damage today, well how much damage at this point. Oyster farmers around the inland bays prepped their farms for storm damage and surge. That always helps, but a couple cages always break loose, it is just part of the process. Dave Beebe said he was headed out today to check his lease and look for missing cages

We can help these folks out. Not only by purchasing, and eating these delicious racing stripe shelled home grown wonders, but also by looking out for their gear. I’ve found many of these cages over the years after storms. I find more crab post washed up in places. We are all about to get out and about looking for washed up treasures. I found mine yesterday.

Oyster cage secured for the ride home, do not put this in your vehicle.

I found this oyster cage yesterday at southside beach, it washed up onto the oceanside beach from the Indian River inlet. The cages are usually tagged (not required). This was one of Jesse’s, from Delaware Delicious Oysters. I met him later in the day and gave him his cage back. If you find one contact the grower’s name on the tag. The cages are fine out of water for a little while it will to harm the oysters.
If you don’t see a tag, these are usually a bright color. You can contact one of the oyster farmers, they all know each other’s gear and help each other out. The farmers are all out there today rounding up gear, but if you find any please get in touch. Many times they will come to you.

Rehoboth Bay Oyster Company … (302) 227-6100 … Dave Beebe
Delaware Delicious Oysters … (302) 260 0101 Jesse Atkinson
Friends Clams & Oysters … (302) 855-1119 Steve Friend

Oyster cage with grower ID tag.
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Keeping one of these oyster cages, or selling one is illegal. It is kind of like a crab pot. It doesn’t belong to you, salvage laws do not apply. It is also a commercial oyster cage for growing farmed oysters. One was found recently and they tried to sell it on eBay. DNREC stepped in and took care of that situation real quick. I’m not sure of any fines, but yeah, don’t do that. I can’t wait to hear this story later today.

Steve friend (left) and nephew Stevie working on the oyster farm

The inland bay oyster growers are a cool bunch, and dedicated to their craft. They have come up with innovative ways to grow delicious oysters. Their oysters in turn are cleaning the inland bays. That is literally what an oyster does, filters fifty gallons of water a day. Resulting in better water quality for all and a delicious, marketable commercial food source that creates economic impact. Support your local oyster growers. Inland bay oyster farming has a great future.

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