Blue Fin Tuna In The Surf in Delaware?


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Bluefin tuna in the surf in Delaware at Fenwick Island

Yes, seriously there was a bluefin tuna found in the surf today, at Fenwick Island.  I know guys that catch bluefin tuna in the surf in New Jersey mixed in with the migratory striped bass schools.  Usually they are in close feeding on stripers and sand eels, this only occurs only in certain areas.  Today a bluefin was seen near the surf in Delaware at Fenwick Island and was dragged out of the water, still alive, but we do not know how active.  Now that is some tasty sushi, but we are not sure why a bluefin would be that close to shore in Delaware.  We are not sure about an HMS permit for a tuna that is about to wash onto shore.  I would consider it like roadkill maybe.  I am also not too sure it would be a good idea to eat this fish seen as it was probably distressed from something.  Now the real question is how many are out there this close to shore and should we go do some long casting for BFT’s in the surf.  Captain Brian of the Lil Angler II sent me this picture earlier this afternoon and I have been working on the details of this find.  He and I  have been speculating all day on why, where, and how.  It would be interesting find out why it was so close to shore and distressed.  Possibly chased by a shark and just tired out, diseased, or distressed from environmental stress or conditions.  We also wondered if there were a school out there that close to shore and should he get the boat ready.  Captain Brian said with the lack of storms and east winds this year, the water has been unusually clear, mahi mahi have been caught at the old grounds and as close as B buoy.  So a school of these pelagic predators this close is very possible.  If I find out any more details I will be sure to let you know.  Either way now I wish I went fishing today instead of avoiding the rain and working.

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