Blackened Lionfish Breakfast Taco Recipe

Who says you can’t have fish for breakfast?

Packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, lionfish is the choice protein for a quick and healthy morning meal.

            3 ounces lionfish
            2 eggs
            1 teaspoon heavy whipping cream
            1 slice Havarti Cheese
           1 tablespoon of Chef Paul Magic Blackened Steak Seasoning
(Yes the steak, not the seafood, blackened seasoning)
            ¼ stick of butter
            1 medium soft tortilla

Optional Ingredients:
            Sour Cream
Cotija Cheese

The secret to a good blackened fish is all in the butter. You’ll want extremely hot, slightly brown butter. Heat up the ¼ stick of butter over medium-high heat, in a cast iron pan if you have one.

While the butter is heating, take the 3 oz of lionfish and coat it with the blackened seasoning to desired taste. I like to cover the entire fish until I can’t see the white meat, but I have an addiction to blackened seasoning so use your best judgment.

Check the butter so you don’t burn down the house. Then use a whisk to whip up the two eggs in a bowl with the teaspoon of heavy whipping cream for extra goodness.

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Carefully place the seasoned fish in the hot brown butter and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side. Seriously no more than 3 minutes on each side, ain’t nobody got time for gross dry fish.

Now here’s the secret – While the fish is cooking on its first side, you’ll want to spoon the excess butter in the pan over the fish. That way the fish will cook properly on the other side and give it the deep blackened look and taste, but not actually be burned.

Remove the fish from the heat. Then turn down the heat to cook the eggs on medium-low. I use a silicone spatula and focus on folding the eggs inward from the outside edges where they cook the quickest. Perfectly cooked eggs will be wet, but not runny.

Now it’s time to layer the ingredients into the tortilla. Here’s the order:             Tortilla
            Spread Sour Cream /  Guacamole onto the tortilla
            Havarti Cheese slice (between the eggs and fish so it melts)
           Salsa / Cotija Cheese

Wrap ‘er up and enjoy!

With love,

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Blackened Lionfish Breakfast Taco from Blondies Beachside in Pensacola

Ashley Ridout owns Blondie’s Beachside, a food truck in Pensacola Florida and part of the SEALEG organization. We will be hearing more about recipes and the progress of SEALEG and other group’s efforts to eradicate lionfish in the Gulf. This taco recipe can be used for any flaky whitefish, like kingfish, croaker, and spot.

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