Big striped bass, weakfish, and flounder, oh yeah!!


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Photo from Lewes Harbor Marina … Jesse Billings brought in this fine pair of flounder from Lewes Canal this afternoon. The flatties fell for pink Gulp!

Well the water is warming back up and so is the fishing.  There have been some very nice flounder caught in the Lewes Canal this week on pink gulp.  They are also showing up in the inland bays and Indian River Inlet.  Great to see the fishing finally taking a turn for the better, this has been along drawn out end of winter.  The weakfish that have been showing up are nice sized almost like the days of old with the large tiderunners at Broadkill Beach.  It would be nice to see them increase in numbers and size and we will just have to wait and see if that happens.  Letting the large breeders go will help increase the stocks.  A favorite bait for these fish has always been chicken, some anglers like to soak it in a little peeler oil, but plain fresh chicken breast works just as well.  Silver or gold spoons have done their share of catching weakfish.  Bloodworms, bunker, and fresh surf clam have been good baits as well but mainly for striper bass.  They are still migrating into the Delaware bay and up river.  Large Striped bass (cows) are being caught and many decent sized keepers, several of the large ones would easily top the state record.  Just make sure you follow the spawning season regulations when you are in those areas and let the big girls go anyway to help increase the stocks.  Some shad have been showing up at the Indian River Inlet as well, darts, flies, and small spoons work.  Tautog are being caught in the Delaware bay at several sites and the Indian River Inlet on green crabs.  The surf has been quiet for the most part, short striped bass here and there.  Last weekend a black drum was pulled from 3Rs beach on bunker.  Hopefully the surf will warm up a little more over the weekend, this mild spring weather has made that a slow start.  No one has seen any bluefish yet but I have heard they are showing up near Virginia.  Won’t be long before we see a few blues out there.  Sorry this is such a short report, I have a long weekend of beach clean ups and a fishing trip on a charter Sunday.  It has been a long work week for me and I need to get some rest.  We will be cleaning Herring Point beach tomorrow at 9 am in Cape Henlopen if anyone would like to come out and help.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Fish On!!

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