Big striped Bass are still in the surf in Delaware


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Steve hall with a nice striped bass from the surf.

The weekend was a lot of fun.  Every morning I have to use the windshield wipers to clear away the pollen.  My allergies have been taking a toll on my sinuses and sanity.  I know many of you know what I am talking about.  Now that I am living in the woods near the ocean, it is like the best of both worlds, aside from the pollen.  Trees are popping leaves and the azaleas are blooming.  It would appear  Mother Nature did not get the entire memo that it is supposed to be spring, and not fall.  Killer striped bass weather regardless, and many have been caught from Augustine beach all the way down to Fenwick Island State Park.  Bunker chunks have been the preferred bait as well as clam.  I know a few folks that swear by chicken breasts, and produced 40 inch stripers, on chicken.  Barry and Steve Hall, a father and son team were killing it in the surf this weekend.  Bluefish have been reported as far north as Woodland Beach.  Roosevelt Inlet is seeing flounder and blues on occasion.  The Cape Henlopen pier and flats have been hot for flounder.  Shorty striped bass and blue fish have been caught there as well.  Weakfish are being caught here and there, large ones compared to last year’s sizes. I have been bouncing around the area, working on DSF business.  Not long ago someone told me fishing would become a luxury due to running this business, Captain Bill Baker, your were right about that!  I don’t mind, I have had a great time working for everyone, keeping people updated about our tidal waters in Delaware.

striped bass, DSF, SKG, delaware surf fisshing, bunker chunks, delaware seashore state park, 3rs beach, linesider, rockfish
Barry Hall with his striped bass from the surf at Beach Plum Island …

The wind has been horrendous this weekend, that is the best description I can give.  I met Ray Hibbs of Long Neck Outfitters on 3R’s Sunday morning.  The waves were 8 feet tall, coming in fast and hard, the tide was up it was 6 a.m.  Ray was all decked out in chest waders and kayaking gear to keep warm and dry.  He was throwing 8 ounces, and we watched it wash up on the beach within minutes of casting.  He decided to pack it in, he had been out there for a couple of hours.  Jimmy and I took a good 20 minute look at the rough surf and decided a warm diner with hot coffee would be a much better location, so we went to Sharky’s Grill with Ray.  Despite the rough conditions people were catching keeper striped bass and decent bluefish in the surf all weekend.  I had a special trip planned Sunday afternoon with Captain Bill of the Black Pearl Designated Driver Service.  He was debuting … The Admiral, the newest fleet member of his service.  The Admiral is a 6 wheel drive troop carrier converted to a beach buggy.  It can accommodate up to 14 people comfortably on the rear wooden deck, for a great day surf fishing with your crew on the beach.  Please contact the Captain for details on these excursions for you and your crew.

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bluefish, flounder, DSF, Delaware surf fishing
Flounder and bluefish for dinner … photo by Sandy lowes

Some of my buddies were checking crab pots this weekend, and despite the turtle guards they found one in a crab pot.  Please check your crab pots often, as Eggy pointed out when these turtles want into a crab pot they will go all gangsta trying to get in them.  Sue Sokira of the Reel Friends Surf Fishing Club, called in an injured seal this weekend and cleaned 2 huge bags of trash off of Broadkill Beach.  Henry Busby did the same clean up on Bethany beach this weekend.  I appreciate people that clean our beaches while they are out there using them.  It is important that we keep our beaches and waterways clean.  There is a bay clean up in June by the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays and DNREC, I will announce the details soon.  The trash left at the Indian River Inlet tied to the rail is still an issue, but does not seem as bad this year.  I do not know if that is the fact there have been less people there, or if people are carrying in and carrying out more.  I certainly hope it is the latter.  Please clean up after yourselves, and feel free to chastise those that do not.  I have found that calling people out on this tends to help keep our areas cleaner, regardless of their attitude.  I met a lot of people this weekend during my travels, it was great meeting all of you!  This week we will see a lot of rain, but warmer temperatures.  See you in the surf.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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