Beware Of Large Holes On The Beach


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My chair next to the hole, this is average size fold up chair.

We have an issue with large holes on the drive on beaches.  I was at 3Rs yesterday fishing and when I drove on, as usual on a weekday there was hardly anyone out there, so you can take your time to look at the cuts and the ocean while you drive the beach.  Luckily I was paying attention, because a small berm in front of the truck turned out to be a four foot deep hole about the width of my vehicle.  Had I driven into that, it would have taken heavy equipment to get out the vehicle.  Then there was another one, and another one, and another one.  I almost ran into four huge holes.   When we did the beach clean up at Fenwick Island on Tuesday there were huge holes dug in front of areas with chairs being reserved by beach goers and all over the beach.  You had to weave around these holes, or your vehicle would get stuck.  Some of these larger holes if a person fell into them could get seriously hurt.  I am sure by now we have all heard about the young lady in Ocean City.


beach chair, holein beach, delaware,, sussex county, ocean city
My chair in the hole, this is an average size fold up chair. That hole is a foot deeper than the chair is tall and as wide as my vehicle at the top.
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I know during the day holes are easier to see but at night these holes are much harder to see.  Reason being is the shadow from the small berm on the hole’s edge looks just like that, a shadow, not a big empty space or hole.  You can’t really see the actual hole until you are all but on top of it or in it.   So be careful driving the beaches, especially at night.  If you want to dig a hole that is fine, but fill it back in when you are done.  If you see others doing it please let them know of the hazard they could cause when they leave their hole.  Everyone likes to dig holes in the sand, we do it for the kids on the edge of the wet sand so the water will fill it in like  a small pool, but we fill our holes back in before we leave.  We also like to walk the beach at night and fish, especially in the summer, you can’t see these holes in the dark, because we try to not shine our headlamps on the water, so we tend to not use them, and rely on moonlight to see.  You cannot see these holes late at night, and they shouldn’t be there anyway.  Just like your headlights on the vehicle, it is hard to spot holes with a flashlight.  Leave the beach the way you found it please.

Fish On!

Rich King

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