Beach Plum Island gets light


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Air station at Beach Plum Island State Park,. You can see the access behind the station for parking to fill up your tires.
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New lights at Beach Plum Island State Park
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Last year we put out a survey asking which air stations did people think needed an upgrade.  We also had a question in that survey about whether or not there should be light at all air stations especially Beach Plum Island State Park.  If you haven’t been there at night, that parking lot is very dark.  A lot of my female angler friends said they did not feel safe at night trying to air up there because it was too dark.  A few days ago lights were installed in the vents or side holes of the air station house at Beach Plum Island State Park.  The lights will come on every night when it gets dark.  There is a light on each side in the air compressor housing.  The area around the air station was widened when the parks renovated the parking lot this spring.  You can pull over to the fence side of the air station now, which is easier for traffic to get in and out of the parking lot.  Unfortunately many can not read the no parking sign and are parking on that side of the air pump.  Eventually they will figure out that area is for vehicles to pull into and air up their tires, and the new lights will help everyone see what they are doing.  Kudos to the parks for listening to the community’s needs and addressing the dark parking area at Beach Plum Island State Park.

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