Beach conditions for the weekend


faithful steward crossing, savages ditch, beach conditions in delaware
Faithful Steward Crossing there are troughs and drop offs be careful.

If you were waiting for a temperature drop to bring fish in closer, today would be the day.  It is frigid this morning, yesterday was cold and windy, my least favorite combination.  There were a few brave souls fishing the inlet for Tautog.  Friends went to the point, got out of their vehicle, and immediately got back in and left.   There was one guy on the beach at Keybox, when I pulled onto Faithful Steward Crossing.  That is the one everyone calls Savages Ditch, which is actually the parking lot across route 1 on the bay side.  The beaches are carved up and it would be a good idea to park on what we call the upper deck so you do not get surrounded by water.  Hopefully after a few days the sand will even back out.  Right now you have a trough in front of a steep drop, with a humped up area in front before the surf.  In some spots the trough is holding water and is like quick sand.  It is a great example of what a sand bar looks like under the water.   Be careful driving there are three foot drop offs everywhere.  It gets worse the closer you are to the inlet.  These drop offs look like large cuts above water, and are another great example of what the cuts look like underwater.  Larger vehicles will be able to handle these, but it is best to just drive around them altogether.  The water at Cape Henlopen is dirty on the bayside of the point and a little better at the ocean side.  Farther south at Herring point it is a little clearer.  You can expect that to get better today.  Delaware Seashore State Park to Fenwick Island is decent looking greenish water.  The Indian River Inlet is clear for about three feet.  Did I mention it was COLD outside?  And windy?  Good luck to everyone in the DMS tournament today, and to all you hunters.  Especially the guy that ripped off a staccato of gunfire near the house an hour ago.  Hopefully you got something.  If you didn’t, I think you scared all the deer and should probably just go home.


northside campground IRI, indian river inlet, delaware seashore state park, RV camping in delaware, indian river inlet bridge, charles w cullen bridge,
Northside campground at Indian River Inlet

The North side campground is coming along nicely.  The RV pads are done, there are sidewalks, new perimeter fencing, a play ground for the kids.  The entire campground is a little more than four feet taller than the Jetty cap, which will make a nice wind break and sound barrier.  The entire area looks completely different.  The bathhouse should be complete soon enough, there is also a laundry facility being built.  That should make life easier for the campers.  All in all it looks like it will be a nice place to stay this summer.  From the progress of construction it won’t be long until it is completed.  I’m going to break out the tent this year and spend a few nights at the south side campground just for grins and giggles.  It might sound crazy, but I enjoy taking stay-cations in our park campgrounds.  It is a lot of fun, you are on top of the fishing, I can see friends that camp down there, and it is a home away from home.


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red drum, puppy drum, Fenwick Island,
Dan Hurst’s red drum caught on mullet chunks at Fenwick Island.

Not much to report for fishing.  Boats have been out the last few days catching tautog.  The Overfalls and rips in the Delaware bay are producing random striped bass.  Keepers are being caught further up the bay.  Short striped bass action is still hot in all the normal areas.  Anyone notice people are either catching really large stripers, or just shorts.  Does anyone wonder why?  A thirty inch redfish (red drum) was caught in the surf last Sunday at Fenwick Island State Park on mullet chunks by Dan Hurst.  Nice to see them around, we were catching a lot last year and the year before, not so much this year.  Little blues still heavy at times at Indian River inlet, the surf, and the inland bays.  Yesterday I fished for all of thirty minutes, it was just too windy.  I can handle the cold, the wind just sucks the fun right out of me, and makes for a bad day.  Now Monday is supposed to be a nice day.  I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I am about to start loving Mondays.  Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.  Stay warm!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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