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Crowded beaches at Cape Henlopen state park during the fourth of july … Photo by Nick Roth reporter for the Cape Gazette

A big thanks to everyone who took the survey the results were interesting to see,   and the comments were informative as well as interesting.  Below are the results for the Beach Access survey as well as the Air Station Survey.  I am attending a meeting this Friday with the media and stakeholders about the overcrowded beaches issues and will present this information to the park’s administrators.  This was not an official survey but I think it will help give them an idea what people think.   I will also present them with the comments section in the spreadsheet we collected the information with, as you can tell with over 1900 replies, that is a lot of responses to print in this article.  The air station survey was requested to help get an idea which stations people feel need the most attention first.  Thanks again for participating.

Beach Access Survey …

There were approximately 1,971 people that took the Survey.

Do you feel that drinking (alcohol) on drive on beaches should be eliminated or banned as it is on the walk on beaches?   NO – 1585    YES – 382

Do you feel that drinking should be allowed on walk on beaches?    NO – 696    YES – 1265

Does the actively engaged rule (surf fishing) need stricter enforcement?       NO – 953      YES – 1005

Should a cap (limit) be placed on the number of permits sold?     NO – 1147  YES – 801

Should the actively engaged rule be dropped during the summer as the one proposed law suggested?     NO – 1445      YES – 489

Should the rules be changed to only allow 4 wheel drive vehicles, which is not the case now?    NO – 395    YES – 1560

Should “spaces” occupied by vehicles on the beach be limited to the number of legal occupants for the vehicle in that space?  (This would be based on the seat belt laws in Delaware. for example a pickup truck has 3 seat belts so 3 people in that truck’s space)     NO – 1218     YES – 742

Should the number of vehicles allowed at one time be limited on all park beaches?     NO – 1014     YES – 931

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Should walk on anglers be restricted to only designated walk on areas?    NO – 1074    YES – 888

Should swimming be banned from all drive on beaches, even though presently it is swim at your own risk?     NO – 1654    YES – 310

If there was a volunteer program to help enforcement would you be willing to put in some time?     NO – 1133    YES – 807

Do you think a weekend or 3 – 7 day drive on permit should be added for ORV permits?    NO – 1283    YES – 656

Do you think the parks should create designated fishing and no fishing areas for the drive on beaches?    NO – 1241     YES – 721


Air Station Survey … 

343 People took the survey …

Air stations to be fixed please choose one …

Beach Plum Island – 78
Fenwick Island State Park – 96
Gordon’s Pond – 116
York Crossing near South Bethany – 53

Do you think the parks should add outdoor lighting to the air station areas for peoples convenience and safety?    NO – 85     YES – 258


Thank You Everyone …

Fish On!!

Rich King






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