Banging The Big Drum in Delaware


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Delaware bay Black Drum caught from the surf.
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Black Drum from the surf on the Delaware bay
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The big drum made an appearance the other day and as of last night the catches have increased exponentially.  Fresh clam is the bait of choice and you can find the Black drum from Broadkill Beach to Bowers Beach.  You boaters will need to look in the usual spots at the coral beds.  For the most part they are hitting on the top of the high tide.  almost like last year when they would show up on the incoming tide.   Check out our Business Directory Bait Shop List for a store near you with fresh clams.  Even brine clams will work decent and stay on the hook easier.  Putting fresh clam on a hook is like trying to glue snot to Jello.  You can get that stretchable string that people use to keep the clam on the hook, a friend of mine uses cheese cloth.  Well now I am torn as to where I should go fishing this weekend.  Now you know why many anglers use a variety of baits, you just never know what is going to show.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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