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Spearing on the beach at the point Saturday morning .. photo by Kevin

There are spearing all over the place and that is one thing all of the fish are eating.    The rocks at the Indian River Inlet are lined with these and the fish are feeding on them like crazy.  Using  a small silver spoon or a fly pattern to match the bait is working well.  They are lining the beaches in the surf, and the fish are chasing them out of the water onto the beach.  They are too small for most cast nets, but not for a small minnow dip net.  You can catch them in a cast net the larger ones will get jammed up if you pull it in fast enough.  The inland bays are chock full of them and as far up as Cupola Park in Millsboro.  You can’t use a cast net there since there is a spillway but there are plenty of places to catch them.    I was snagging them yesterday, on almost every retrieve.  Using a whole minnow or cut pieces would be a good bait and they are easy to catch.  If you are lucky like a buddy of mine was this morning at the point,  you will find piles of them on the beach chased in by fish.  You just have to get to them before the birds.


baitfish, spearing, cupola park, millsboro, delaware, sussex county
Spearing I snagged on a spoon at Cupola park yesterday.
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Mullet are all over the pace as well, tidal creeks, inland bays, the beach at Henlopen pier, Lewes beach,  along the rock jetties at the inlets, and the flats at New road and Tower rd. bay access in Delaware Seashore State Park (Kite Beach).  Fresh mullet is a much better bait than frozen and most of the bait shops have fresh in stock, check our business directory for a bait shop in your area.  A cast net is a must in your arsenal to catch fresh mullet, they will not venture into a minnow trap.  The blue fish are ripping into mullet rigs and chunked mullet on top and bottom rigs in the surf.  There have been some decent sized snappers caught and a lot of little blues.  Puppy drum are still prevalent in the surf with fishbites, squid, shrimp, or bloodworms.  Flounder are hanging near the surf edge at the drop off looking for food.  Sand fleas, mullet, or jigging works for them.  There are plenty of other random catches showing up, you just never know.  Have a fun Saturday.  Boating will be a bit hairy in a few hours with the approaching storms.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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