Attention Boaters New Buoy Placement for Indian River Bay

In 2018 the buoy placement was changed, and still stands as of today. The numbers may be off by a few feet give or take I am told by the Coast Guard Station Indian River. Make sure you have this marked on your plotters. This year the sand bars and shoaling is even worse than last, in some areas. We have many aerial shots from Driscoll Drones to help you with more updates coming soon and throuhgout the summer.

Some of the buoys in Indian River Bay have been moved for safer navigation purposes.  Adjust your electronics and charts to the numbers listed below.  The old channel at low tide doesn’t have any water anymore.  Confirmed with the Coast Guard at Indian River Station in case you are wondering.

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New buoy placement for Indian RIver Bay to the inlet

The new numbers are below …

RB #25: 38-36-22.92 N; 075-05-13.505 W
I/R JUNCTION:  38-36-20.872 N; 075-04-54.041 W 
I/R #14:  38-36-10.263 N; 075-05-01.386 W  
I/R #15: 38-35-56.868 N; 075-05-18.929 W  
I/R #16:  38-35-58.693N; 075-05-27.898 W

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